Dragons!A fantasy made real

Animal Planet's(or Discovery Channel's and Channel 4) very own Mockumentary(a film that showcases fiction as reality in a documentary style) made in 2004(omg it's as old as I am!)It's also known as The Last Dragon.The one I checked out is Animal Planet's version I don't know if there really is any difference between the two other than lack of brand logo in certain sections(like the behind the scenes)

The Dragons A Fantasy made real book!

Here's the dvd I requested from my SHARE library account vs digitalized version(why? bc I find it fun to compare things ok also no back cover for the online one bc I imagine that'll be too hard to find probably)

It's CGI now looks quite outdated(although not comparitable in badness to Dragonheart(I shudder at the mere thought of watching it) but again this movie came out when I was just a month old so I don't know how good this cgi was for it's time. Ngl it's kinda an absolute wild movie that has some really cheap camera shots but it's kinda fun to watch. I have already said this but the usage of certain camera sequences and angles is absolutely nonsensical. Also it's credits has a sick guiter(i think)song. Animal Planet's version has a behind the scenes version that has some good info about how it's made(of course) But I was kinda invested in what would happen to the mother dragon and daughter pair so the movie was doing something.

And here's some videos about it(first two is def not the entire thing on yt for free)

(admittedly I had not fully watch this retrospect but comments and skimming the video makes it seem good)

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