Well the dragon mockumentary has a book...

Well,It finally came in after a week of waiting. Published in 2005, this book serves as a sort of tie-in to the mockumentary of the same name but the edition I checked out features "FOUR AWESOME POSTERS" as said so by the book so would love to see either or not the posters are unique art or stills from the movie. The book also appears to be a sort of summary of certain scenes(like this for example)and while there is four posters it seemes that my library copy only has one(view here) but even if it's just a still from the mockumentary it is still a pretty looking picture. The book ends on how the artists made the dragons "look real" which is nice to see the process of how they had done it but let's be real most kids probabably saw the chapter title and ignored it.

Here's what the book looks like: