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    Please note that I have a neutral opinion on whether or not dragons exist(learning towards not being real just due to no actual skeletons and most evidence being used to support the claim comes from religions) and am against most "alternative" history claims(such as aliens built the pyramids, anceint egyptians had electricty, etc etc) as most if not all are based on bigoted beliefs or are just ignorant to how things works(It is bigoted to claim POC can't build pyramids, plus modern humans have built pyramnds, it's called the bass pro shop pyramid, my beloved) and the developement of humanity.

    I have an obsession with dragons ever since I could have remember so I thought to share my love for dragons with everyone else!:)This site is under construction so don't be too mean on me. And I'll try to include pictures/vidoes of whatever I'm talking about! I've also decided to create a little area for my art, almost a portfolio if you will! The Chamber of Meditation(hoping I spelt that right) is where my blog and any personal updates will go! For your information, some of the artwork I will add to my gallery were commissions.



    was created by Ann marie Eastburn 1986, I claim no ownership over the original image and it's edited form.



    was created by

    Meilin Wong 2002.

    I claim no ownership over it's original image and it's edited form.



    and any image I might use from her website belongs to Kitty Roach 1996-2013.

    If I have images without credit, it is due to my inability to reverse search for it's original artist. I will still be on the lookout for them though.

    Updates & To do list:

    Added a book review

    Pretty uped some pages

    To do!

    Try to find the original artists for all the dragon gifs/images I use so I can give proper credit!

    Add dividers to any page that lacks 'em and if it needs them

    Start updating mythology sections


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