Book 1: The Iceland Wyvern

Unfortunaly this seemed to be the only video reading the book/series so sorry if you don't like asmr.

The cover art(and any of the illustrations I could find online)Also fyi all four books have the same description on the back:

Sitting at a whooping 17 pages(a real long one I know),This book is as you probably already know is the first in the Pocket Adventures series.This book was published first in 2005. Surprisingly, the character deaths are gruesome for a kids book but isn't really out of the blue for this series. The illustrations that feature some pages are quite small yet extremely detailed and fit the story quite nicely!

A very brief summary: This book is about a dragonologist(that is the reader/you) who gets attacked while doing research and gets roped into saving an Ice Wyvern's eggs.

The ratings:

  • My rating:3/5

  • Storygraph:3.31/5

  • Amazon:4.7/5