This is my about me page!

Well In simple terms,I am just an adult who always loved dragons but there is always more to meet the eye then that.Yet I am bad at writing about myself so I'll stick with the retro/tacky gifs.:)I have several dragon ocs,two of them being Brigate,a giant female dragon and her runt son Tern!Adding onto this,my other interests that might get in the way of this website are Transformers,Pokemon,Fallout 4 and the mythical beings from Greco-Egpytian Mythology the Sphinx!(15/23 I bring great news! I have sadly not been kidnapped by a rather large specimen of a standard European dragon but instead just got put off by how much this coding stuff can be and schoolwork too)
My Shrines(both dragons and non-dragons)

Green Dragon - Peaceful, Regenerative, Mysterious

I am a Green Dragon

Peaceful, Regenerative, Mysterious. With supernatural powers of healing, a green dragon is a formidable enemy with endless energy. [Read more...]

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My outstanding dragon trait is

Not all dragons can fly, but I rank among those that can. With or without wings, I take to the skies and soar. Nothing, not size nor shape, can limit me from ruling over the sky around me.

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