The air rushes past you,smelling of sea salt and the fishy smell of flocks of dragons...

My Journal Entries

Just things I want to share w/ you but isn't directly linked to dragons

Entry #1: A Clockwork Orange Uhhh,so I haven't watched the Kubrik movie for A Clockwork Orange and I only knew a little about that movie's plot and it's general reputation so reading the book was as shocking as I thought it would be but also really weird as the language used in this book(for which I had listened to the audiobook instead of reading it) was very odd but fitting for the main character whose just the worst but ngl after the brainwashing scene I did feel a little bad for but just cuz He had no real way to defend himself before He basically returned to his old self. Also random fact, I used to listen to the song "Overture to the Sun" on repeat when I was younger because I genuinely liked the song but also to torment my younger sibling as they disliked the song. Also don't read this book if rape and violence trigger you, this book is full of violence and has a couple rape scenes.
Entry #2: Sci fi movies I've watched,both good and bad So earlier this month I watched the animated movie, Metropolis(2001) and It is a really beautiful movie with very cute robots that deserve so much more than what they were given but anyways it's about a city-state where humans and robots aren't doing so well together and this detective and his nephew trying to track down this mad scientist guy but instead finds this andriod girl and the nephew becomes good friends with her but there is heavy political and emotional reasonings behind her creation. I gave it an 8/10! I'm currently trying to watch I,robot and Chappie(Both of them are something... but at least Chappie remains cute even after like 8 years) Uhh I might drop I,Robot because I just can't watch it alone and I hate the main character's personality. Dropped I,Robot and picked up The Iron Giant.

God no,my library's copy too damaged to play the dvd without skipping so many scenes! Was bad to experience but it didn't skip over too much of the latter parts of the movie to make it unenjoyable! 9/10, a kids movie hadn't made me this sad in a long while!

So, I dropped Chappie even though I did find the movie premise interesing but I found it lacking and too amateurish to my liking but I did watch all of Digimon:The Movie which was about as good as you can expect a Digimon movie to be but for some reason before the credits rolled they played Allstars by Smashmouth which just seemed a bit out and out of place imo.

Entry #3: Garden flower pics and currently growing saplings

and so on

Sorry for the lack of updates!But it's mostly due to my hyperfixation moving onto transformers and Dolphins so things will be slow around here but I'll still try my best to update this site!