The first book in the series!

First published in 2003 by author Cressida Cowell, This book follows Hiccup and his dragon toothless as they began a long journey into trying to become Viking heroes. It's got a nice mix of world/character building,action and humour but since it is for middle graders do expect the jokes to reflect that. It's been narrated by David Tennant in 2014 and I would reccomand the audiobook if you have issues with torn/fryed edges of paper as the classic versions(i.e. the ones with the original art and not the edition releasesed for the second movie) have a torn edge like the Series of unforunate events and it's not a pleasant feeling imo but that does mean you skip out on the drawings present in the physical(and probably ebook versions) Also fair warning the books are pretty different then the movies so don't come in thinking you're going to get something exactly like it.

here's the full audiobook available on youtube for free! And the author Cowell apparently has a series where she reads the series.