Superman 64 but HTTYD!

This movie tie in was released in 2014 for while really any big name consoles at that time and made by Little Orbit which seemed to have been making a lot of tie in video games for children's movies. For example they have released a Kung fu panda video game and they seem to be a pretty average video game company. Actual gameplay is mostly just the same racing minigames played over 4 training sessions but hey there's also collectables that give the dragon you're riding a unique ability although they can be hard to find and the sound effects a tad bit annoying. Graphic aren't that great especially with the ocean but it seems to me that any httyd game can't really get the look of water right(excluding the switch game as I haven't played that one yet)but the models of the characters don't seem to be that bad. The soundtrack seems to rely more on songs from the first movie then the second although sound quality is good. I've collected both Stormfly's and Toothless' tokems and while the controls have become eaiser to deal with,it still causes me issues.

The rating

here are some youtube videos I found featuring the game!