The Book that started it all,the original Dragonology book!

Some videos to check out!(there's alot of asmr reading for some reason) Also this book should be on Internet Archive if for whatever reason you cannot get a library copy!

Here's what the library copy I used looks like! Alongside some pngs you can use from the book.

Published in 2003 by Dr. Ernest Drake and illustrated by various other artists, this big but not chunky book features not only the dragons in the other series but also has interactive parts in it(like little cards you can pull out of an envelope) The arts also pretty great, some of the dragons look like they've been colored with watercolor which is a very pretty look imo.

The Ratings:

  • My Rating:5/5, a classic must read for all dragon fans out there.

  • Storygraph:4.08/5

  • Amazon:4.9/5