One sheep,Two sheep, three nadders...

Published in 2015. This cute little storytime book is a short retelling of the original movie with the added "bonus" of having a sheep in the background for most of the scenes which is cute but also lowkey creepy,like hiccup is just getting stalked by the same sheep except for when the sheeps a drawling. Also has a glow in the dark drawing at the end of the book which is just very cute! The art itself is also just cute as a whole.

A pic of one of the drawings(img comes from books4school)

Targeted age group for this book is 4-8 yrs old! So around Toddler-second graders which imo makes sense for the book.So far, the only video about this book that I could find is in german so IDK what this man's saying but I'm putting it here anyways. I would probably do a reading of it myself but I am my biggest critic and can't stand my own voice + idk if my voice is pleasant enough anyways.